ShlubluLib  v0.5
ShlubluLib is a lightweight, modular, general purpose, open-source C++ library for Linux and Windows.
shlublu::CRC< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for shlublu::CRC< T >, including all inherited members.

accumulate(std::string const &str)shlublu::CRC< T >inline
accumulate(char const *sz)shlublu::CRC< T >inline
accumulate(std::vector< P > const &v)shlublu::CRC< T >inline
accumulate(P value)shlublu::CRC< T >inline
accumulate(char const *data, size_t offset, size_t length)shlublu::CRC< T >inline
accumulate(const Iter first, const Iter last)shlublu::CRC< T >inline
CRC()shlublu::CRC< T >inline
CRC(P param)shlublu::CRC< T >inline
get() constshlublu::CRC< T >inline