ShlubluLib  v0.5
ShlubluLib is a lightweight, modular, general purpose, open-source C++ library for Linux and Windows.
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shlublu Namespace Reference




class  CRC
 CRC accumulator. More...
class  MutexLock
 Recursive mutex. More...
class  NotImplementedError
 Components of this library that have no implementation for the running platform use this exception at run time. More...


using crc32_t = uint32_t
 The 32 bits CRC value type.
using crc64_t = uint64_t
 The 64 bits CRC value type.
using CRC32 = CRC< crc32_t >
 The 32 bits CRC accumulator.
using CRC64 = CRC< crc64_t >
 The 64 bits CRC value type.

Detailed Description

This namespace surrounds the whole library to avoid any naming conflict.

All examples shown in this documentation are assumed to be preceded by the directive using namespace shlublu;. In your client applications code, you can either prefix all ShlubluLib symbols with shlublu:: or use the directive using namespace shlublu;.